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Free shipping on orders $100+

Classes FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

Our classes are designed to teach anyone with any skill level the art of permanent makeup. Although, having some prior knowledge/skill in artistry, makeup, or tattooing will always be  a plus. 

Although it can seem as though our techniques and services fall under these categories, we are neither. We are tattoo artists, therefore neither of these licenses are required for permanent makeup.

In order to take our classes, the only certification that is required is a Blood Bourne Pathogens Certification (relevant to your state) that can be completed online. Once enrolled in our class, we will send you the information to complete and submit to us prior to starting class.

We have different classes that fit everyones needs.We have classes that are either 1-Day (Accelerated), 3-Days, or One-on-One.

Our classes are usually anywhere from 9/10AM- roughly 5/6 in the evening. (Depending on the class)

We encourage our students to take some time to practice the techniques they have learned in class before they start working right away. This time will also allow the student to properly license and get everything in order for their new business or service. Once, you have practiced your techniques and have all of your licensing in order, you can start working.

A lot of our students are doing AMAZING in this field. Whether they are starting their business for the first time or adding these new services, our students are flourishing. However, every student’s ultimate success is going to be determined by how much they apply themselves and everything taught in class to their business. 

Absolutely! We allow our students to come back and take any course at a heavily discounted rate. 

Most certainly! We offer a 1-Free Pass Apprenticeship for our students. We will book models for students to practice on. This allows students to build their portfolio and to experience a full day of operations in the field of Microblading and PMU. After the 1-day pass has been used, students can return for a daily $75 fee. We also stay in constant contact with our students to ensure they are continuously advancing in their businesses. We have all open lines of contact for our students to ask any questions they may have throughout their entire career.